Screens up to sizes of 150". Formats: 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 + Special formats


Software specialized for interactive communication

Flexible. Everything can be edited.

Visually appealing

Engaging, user-friendly and informative

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Cordura TouchWall is a visually appealing, easy-to-use solution for interactive communication.

TouchWall is developed in collaboration with a number of Danish museums, cultural institutions and libraries. The solution is especially designed for digital communication with the purpose of engaging your users.
With the TouchWall you can communicate your content on large touch screens. Cordura delivers the digital framework as you define the content of your TouchWall. The content is communicated both visually and specifically for your communication area and audience.

TouchWall content
The content is based on themes graphically presented as either interactive timelines or maps, article collections, quizzes etc. Each theme engages in a series of articles that may contain both text, audio, video, photos and links.

TouchWall administration
Behind the TouchWall is an advanced management system, where you can delete, add and edit your content. This means that you  decide which content should be shown on your TouchWall. Hereby you'll get a numerous communication options with your solution, which also ensures you communication of new and current contents for years to come. 

Technical Specifications
The TouchWall consists of a number of functions, custom tailored to your wishes and needs.

By default the TouchWall contains the following:

  • Touch screen or monitor / projector
  • PC and speakers
  • Hosting agreement
  • TouchWall Administration (a webbased editorprogram)
  • TouchWall Presentation (grahic design and tiimeline and map theme)
  • Calendar-based software that provides automatic start-up and shut-down of the TouchWall

You can read more about the TouchWall solution in the flyer, which can be downloaded at the site. You are also always welcone to contact us for further information or a offer on the solution.

Example of cases:
Tårnborg - Den Gamle By
Christian 4s byggeprojekter - Koldinghus