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Automatic transformation of the library

Digital communication

Targeting and flexible system

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The Transformative Library

The Transformative Library is the perfect solution for you who wants to make your library even more relevant to your visitors through digital and automatic distribution of targeted communication.

Imagine if the library could automatically adapt to the users' wants and needs ... That is the reality with the soultion: The Transformative Library.

A greater user experience when visiting the library

The transformative library identifies the user groups that are in the library space and transforms the space targeting those at the library right at the moment.

The user group is identified by collecting data about the users, such as when they let them self into the library in the self-service hours, when using self-service kiosks to delivery and loan of books, and when they move in certain zones in the library equipped with motion sensors.

These data are processed and the result is used to digitally activate different "modes" at the library. "Modes" should be understood as a theme or topic, chosen from the above input. The different modes can launch for an example: music playback, advertising on speakers, lighting changes and presentations on large screens such as recommendations from the library, movie playback etc.

Using The Transformative Library the local libraries have the opportunity to offer a more focused and thus better and clearer communication to the users - not at least at the self-operated hours.

Targeted communication at the Open Libraries in Randers and Silkeborg.

At Randers Library, Toftebjerg - Them Library and Community Center and Viborg Main Library the solution is already running.

Here, data on sex, age, preferences of genre and current interest is collected. Based on the data, the system calculates which scenario / mode should to be activated.

For example, if the data indicates that families with children are the dominant group in the library right now, the mediation on the screens changes, so that relevant info for the group will show, music will be played in the children's department and speakers will advertise events relevant for families.

At the libraries there are different modes which can be activated, fx Children 0-6 years old, Children 6-12 years old, News, Crime, Journals, Fiction, Movies, Travel/Food etc.

Each mode consists of targeted communication, that gives the user inspiration and presents new opportunities.

The Transformative Library aims - among other things - to achieve a better user experience for the library users, by using digital transformation of the library space based on factual knowledge of the users. Bu using real-time user-presence for targeted communication is a brand new initiative within the library community.

The system is fully scalable in relation to the data which identies the user groups, as well as the changes which takes place. It is actually only your imagination (and the technique) that sets the limits.

The system is targeted both smaller libraries with many self-service opening hours and major main libraries with several manned hours.

Transformative Library - a development project

Transformative Library started as a development project in 2015 in collaboration between Randers Library, Silkeborg Library, Viborg Library and Cordura with financial support of the Danish Agency for Culture and Development for public and school libraries. In 2016, the concept was further developed and became an integral part of Cordura's TouchWall solution.

Visit the project website at

Photo: Randers Library