Cooperation with Cordura

Did you look at the iLand, touchwall or another of our solutions, you are always welcome to call or email us with questions. We start the typical collaboration around our products with a joint workshop, discussing content areas, use of the system, project plan etc. It is a startup form by which we have very good experience, and many of our customers have been pleased.

Custom-developed solutions

From idea to concept
Cordura is keen to cooperate on the development of ideas into a final concept. We can assist with workshops, models of interaction, technical studies, parts of applications, prototypes, etc. Many customers have expressed great satisfaction with our ability to put ourselves in their field and combine this with the expertise we have in interactive communication.

From concept to technical solution
Are you so far in your processes that your project contains a complete concept, Cordura help you to clarify the technical solution as well as writing synopses, descriptions, etc., into a real technical specification of the requirements and a timetable for the project. Then we can develop the technical solution. If you want specific vendors, for example. parts of a physical installation, this can also easily arranged. On the whole we are fairly flexible, so please contact us for an informal discussion on a possible cooperation.