Trapholt - Your Exhibition





Trapholt - Your Exhibition

Trapholt Art Museum opened the exhibition “Din udstilling” in December 2014. The visitors are encouraged to try themselves as art curators and design their own exhibition.

The exhibition are partly an art exhibition that shows 200 of the most interesting works of the museum, meanwhile visitors can create their own exhibition on digital stations in the exhibition area. The visitor saves choices for the exhibition with a puck which activates on each station.

Start by collecting work of art for use to design the exhibition, share the exhibition on social network or share it on the webpage of the museum to compete in getting your exhibition shown at the museum.

Cordura is very proud of the project and the close cooperation with the museum in developing ideas for the solution. Cordura have worked out the software programming, interactiondesign, graphic and production of the digital installations.

The exhibition are getting very positive reviews in the Danish press.

Photographer: Nikolaj Josephsen