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The triumf of the phone




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SMS competitionLove LettersThe grand opening at Post & Tele Museum

The triumf of the phone

The Post & Tele Museum is opening a major new exhibition on The Century of Communication, where Cordura has delivered interactive installations in collaboration with Poco Piu and Fenris Film.

In connection with renovation of the museum's permanent exhibition sectionThe 20th Century communications history, a new exhibition The triumph of the phone is opening - with new and exciting installations. The exhibition focuses on the recent past; Postal and telecommunications stories from 1920 onwards and the visitor experience - both visually and actively through the exhibition - ages and communication changes.

Cordura, in collaboration with Poco Piu, Fenris Film and Post & Tele Museum, has produced a series of interactive installations for the exhibition, including a SMS competition, Love Letters, Rights Quiz, Convergence (smartphone), the social network and communication on the Internet.

SMS competition
Two users compete against each other to be the fastest to write a predetermined text message.
The users write on a mobile phone connected to a computer. The competition will kick off with a touch on a physical button. The computer monitor provides information about the text message, the receiver number and how long they have to type the message. Whoever types quickly - and with the fewest mistakes - wins and is placed on the museum's rankings.

Love Letters
On a touch screen, the user can compose a love letter to a friend/girlfriend from written texts from three different historical periods.
The user selects a beginning, a middle, and a end and can thus compose the letter which he/she wants. The love letter is sent via email to the recipient.

A Rights Quiz
On a touch screen, the user can answer true or false on a number of statements about privacy and rights. The users response is acknowledged with either a "correct" or "incorrect" and a deepening of the problem. From here the user can click on to the next statement until all questions are answered.

Convergence (smartphone)
A smartphone is playing a video showing a selection of functions on the phine including calling, texting, emailing, chatting, Facebook, calendar, memos, camera, music, video, web browsing and gaming. The video illustrates a user's hand, which uses the phones many functions.

The social network
On a laptop a browser is illustrated with several open tabs that displays the websites: G-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter - all examples of network communication in 2011. The websites are partially functional, where users can read messages on the Facebook profile wall, see profile information etc. In this way the visitors gets an insight into the profiles everyday life, work, family, interests etc.

Communicating on the Internet
On another laptop a browser showing communications anno 2000 is illustrated. The browser shows the dating-site and an e-mail inbox in Outlook. In the inbox, the user can read e-mails sent to the persona, which also provides insight into the personas everyday.

In total the exhibition contains over 50 installations that illustrate communication in this century.