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The hunt of the Habour Porpoise




Interactive game

The hunt of the Habour Porpoise

For the exhibition "The hunt of the Habour Porpoise" at Middelfart Museum, Cordura has developed an interactive and educational game.

The exhibition aims to mediate the history of the hunt of the Habour Porpoise and the significance of the hunt for the city of Middelfart. Cordura has developed a game where visitors learn about the importance of the geography and the community and about the paraphernalia and the strategy used for the hunt. In brief; the exhibition gives the visitor the opportunity to try his luck as a Habour Porpoise hunter!

The game - which is played on large touch screens - is designed as a map. The goal is to catch as many Habour Porpoises as possible using 10 boats and 30 fishing men. The map is divided into zones, some more strategic than others compared to the location of the boats, the men, the nets ect. The goal is to perform the most efficient harvest based on the strategic choices.

The history of Middelfart is closely intertwined with the Habour Porpoises in the Little Belt. For centuries the worlds smallest whale - the Habour Porpoise - was chased here. From the 1500s until the Habour Porpoise was protected in 1967, there were professional Habour Porpoise hunt in the town.