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Sven Dalsgaard 100 years





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Sven Dalsgaard 100 years

Cordura has developed a TouchWall solution to a major research-based exhibition on Sven Dalsgaard, marking his 100th anniversary.

Randers and Fuglsang Art Museum has created the exhibition "Sven Dalsgaard 100 years". An exhibition that celebrates the multidisciplinary artist Sven Dalsgaard (1914-99) life - and afterlife.

For the exhibition, Cordura has delivered an Interactive TouchWall - touch screen - where visitors can delve into Dalsgaards universe. The TouchWall serves as a digital encyclopedia about the artist, his life and motifs. For an example you can read the Blue Book on Sven Dalsgaard's life and art, see his art in chronological order on a timeline, explore and play with the symbols Dalsgaard worked with, explore the experimental films he made and both read and participate on the exhibition facebook page that is embedded in the TouchWall.

The newspaper "Weekendavisen" said in their review of the exhibitions digital opportunities: "The two museums have created a fine digital presentation screen where you can click through various specific aspects of Dalsgaard work and see some of his experimental films," Mette Sandbye, Weekendavisen.

Also the newspaper "Politiken" and several local newspapers have written great reviews of the exhibition.

In addition to the interactive touchWall, Randers Museum of Art has also created a facebook page "Sven Dalsgaard 100 år." Here people can submit works, tell anecdotes, exchange opinions and views on Dalsgaard, his art and his significance. The museum will also continuously put pictures of work by Dalsgaard and art historical knowledge on the page. The facebook page is integrated with the TouchWall solution, and all the site's activities will also be shown on the big interactive display at the museum.

For the entire exhibition Cordura has created the website where both past and future visitors can read about the exhibition, explore the TouchWall and access teaching materials for the exhibition (for schools).

The case-pictures are from Fuglsang Kunstmuseum and is taken by photographer Ingrid Riis