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Space Mission




Kinect, Unity 3D, UV, IR, TouchWall

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Space Mission

in February 2015 the Tycho Brahe Planetarium opened the exhibition "Space Mission". Here the guests can plan their own space missions, explore a space probe and see themselves in different lights through advanced camera installations.

The exhibition is designed by architect Mikael Thorsted and Ida Toldbod from Poco Piu. Cordura has, in close cooperation with the Planetarium, Ida and Mikael, developed the exhibitions interactive layer and a variety of AV installations.
The "Space Mission" exhibition is inspired by the Rosetta mission, which has helped to show the constant evolution and new knowledge obtained from space. The exhibition welcomes the visitor into a world of astronomy, space technology, historical events and facts. Through a variety of digital, interactive installations, developed by Cordura, the guest invited to experience and understand different conditions in space.
In particular, highlighted:
Over the entrance to the exhibition, Cordura has developed and installed a giant wall projection and an accompanying subwoofer sound system, where the guests are lured to the countdown and launch of space rockets.

What is light? Midway through the exhibition is an unique installation. Here, visitors can see themselves in different parts of the light spectrum. By the infrared camera the guests are displayed in a thermal image, where heat and cold areas are revealed. By the UV-camera the guests can see their faces in UV light and for an example see their freckles or black areas where they have used sunscreen. In the X-ray installation, the guests can see themselves in X-ray light ... or rather in simulated x-ray light, where a skeleton is animated by the movement of the guests.

Info Stands. Around the exhibition the information stands - based on Corduras TouchWall solution - are stratigical placed. Here the guests can read more about the space themes in the exhibition zone.  The info stands shows interactive timelines, space games, knowledge of satellites, space debris, space missions and much more.
As our understanding of space is constantly changing, it has been crucial for the Planetarium, that the content on the info stands continuously can by updated . This is done through the TouchWall administration.