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On the trail of art




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On the trail of art

Cordura has developed an innovative and digital learning and experience concept for students visiting the museum HEART.

"On the trail of art - an active art experience in Birk" is the title of the new digital educational experience that HEART can now offer schools across the country.

In close cooperation with the museum, Cordura has developed, designed and produced the final app, which takes students on a unique art experience in and around the museum.

The goal of the app is to give students an active and participatory art experience, where they can explore, experience and learn about the special architecture and sculptures in the area.

Paper and pencil is replaced with the app, and by inspiring questions and exercises, the app will guide the students to make soundscapes, taking photos, draw and write on basis of their experience of the artwork. 

A digital learning and experience concept

The course consists of three parts: before, during and after. 

Prior to the visit the teacher has access to the booking site and a teachers guide which thoroughly describes the process and the thoughts behind the experience.
It is possible to choose among eight courses, called tracks. The tracks are targeted subjects of Danish and Arts. The teacher will thus be able to select the prefered track and prepare the visit thoroughly and incorporate it into a before-during-after experience.

The app serves as both a didactic and practical guide, which ensures that the students are guided through a route of art works and related exercises.
The app ensures that their products are collected and stored along the way. After the experience the students will be guided to select and sort through their collected material.
The students are also encouraged to work with different types of experimental digital work in the museums education department.

The products of the
studens will automatically be sent via Corduras system to the teacher when the class leaves the museum. The material can then be accessed and processed, when they arrive back at the school. In the teacher's guide they'll find inspiration for further work with the art.

The project

The app is developed in a collaboration between Cordura, HEART as well as teachers and students from Herningsholm School.

The project is realized with the support of Kulturstyrelsen and the Regionsrådet i Region Midtjylland.

Photos by: Ole Jørgensen