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Museum Østjylland

For the museums in Randers, Grenaa and Stenvad under "Museum Østjylland" Cordura has delivered a big digital exhibition based on Cordura TouchWall.

The exhibition consists of four touch screens displaying Corduras Touch Wall system.

The TouchWall solution contains mediation concerning the local history; in particular life by the Gudenåen and Randers Fjord in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and the Viking Age. As well as the interaction between man and the unique nature and the natural resources of Norddjurs for the last 10,000 years.

Besides the traditional timelines, maps and articles, the TouchWall also contains movie clips in which experts comments on articles from the swamp as well as a game for children with culture and historical content.

"What is hidding in the swamp" is the name of the game, which aims to make an archaeological excavation and make discoveries in the swamp.
The game makes the excavation comprehensible and manageable for all ages - for an example through visual understanding of the changes in the landscape and insight into the excavation areas and choices along the way, where the player has to reflect on the archaeologist's choices, consequences, failures and successes during an excavation process.

The Touch Wall system works so that all content can run on multiple screens and thus in different departments of the museum.
Each museum department can also choose which content and which elements they want to show on their own Touch Wall. They can also edit the content and update with new texts, pictures, movies, etc

Museum Østjylland has great focus on user involvement and digital elements that can contribute to a more dynamic and appropriate mediation. The purpose of the TouchWall has also been to make the museum's collections and great knowledge accessible for all target groups.