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M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark




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M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

Denmarks new maritime museum opened in fall 2013 and Cordura developed the extensive interactive installations and games at the new museum.

The Maritime Museum opened in fall 2013 with a wide variety of exhibitions that tell the story of Denmark as one of the leading maritime nations in the world, both past and present.

The exhibitions were developed for a diverse audience and offer experiences for all age groups. In particular, the interactive installations and games support this mission by giving visitors the opportunity to play and learn by interacting with the exhibits. These installations were delivered by Cordura, among others.

Cordura's installations and games invite visitors into a world of merchant marine ships, navigation challenges on the seven seas, historical events and facts, and put Danish shipping in a global perspective, past and present. Visitors can take the Captain's chair and navigate between the Danish colonies of the 18th century or sit behind the desk of a shipping man in the company office directing worldwide trade today.

Tea Time Trading Game

The Tea Time Trading Game allows up to 20 players to trade as 18th century merchants at the main destinations for Danish long haul trade to colonies and trade stations across the world.

The exhibit stations include Denmark, the North Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the West Indies, East Indies, and China and all offer examples of freight that was typically carried from each destination.

At each station, visitors can place their digital trade ledger in a holder to activate the book by projection. In the trade ledger, the player will see an overview of his/her cargo and what he or she can purchase at this destination. By trading goods as it was done in the 18th century, visitors gain insight into the trading companies of the time and the challenges they faced. The game gives a deeper understanding of the time and illustrates concepts like journey lengths, fatality rates, supply and demand in the 18th century markets, and much more.

Navigation Game

The Navigation Game challenges visitors to navigate on the open sea using the three most important navigational tools: the chronometer, compass, and sextant.

Visitors help the Captain find the shortest route home to Elsinore and the Captain instructs them in how to use each tool during the game. At the end of the game the Captain evaluates how well the visitor has solved the challenge, as he reveals his usual route.

Danish Shipping Animation and the Shipping Company Game

Cordura has also developed a living world map and an interactive Shipping Company Game for the exhibits. On the living world map, visitors can see a completely up to date image of how many ships Danish shipping companies are operating and where the ships are right now.

The Shipping Company Game invites visitors to test their own abilities in shipping, as they direct worldwide shipping of raw materials from continent to continent. The exhibit is rounded out with a roulette wheel where visitors can learn more about where everyday consumer goods come from and how many sea miles they travel to reach consumers in Denmark.

Three Interactive Tattoo Chairs

Have a seat in the Tattoo Chair and decorate yourself just as sailors did in the past - and still do. Read about the meaning behind the most well-known sailor tattoos that you might see on a sailor.