Dansk Landbrugsmuseum, Gammel Estrup, Auning.


Meat on the table





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Meat on the table

Cordura has delivered a series of interactive installations for the digital expansion of the exhibition "Meat on the table" from 2008.

The exhibition is about the butchery industry's cultural history and the Danish foodculture. It has focus on the development of the butcher profession and portrais the historical circumstances surrounding the cooperative movement and the subjects industrialization.

In order to optimize the existing stories in the exhibition the museum wanted an interactive communication layer. In 2015 the museum was financial supported to develop and implement new interactive communication initiatives in the exhibition. And in August 2015 the audience could try the new interactive installations for the first time. For an example they can see their own meat consumption in a historical perspective, they can learn about advertising messages about the meat excellences and hear the butchers own stories on the subject.

Museum director Peter Bavnshøj says: "The new digital platforms opens up an exciting and meaningful story that both involve and inform the museum visitors".

One of the new digital platforms provides, based on a map of Denmark, an overview of the rise and fall in the number of slaughterhouses around 1900. The guest can also delve into specific information about individual slaughterhouses and see pictures attached to slaughterhouses.

Another of the digtiale platforms, makes the old commercials available for the guests. They will also be able to participate in a quiz, which is based on the advertising success 'Pig on the fork'.

Photographer: Nikolaj Riis Josephsen