Bridge Walking Little Belt - Welcome Center, Middelfart


Bridge Walking





Bridge Walking

Cordura has delivered four TouchWall solutions to the tell the story of the Little Belt Bridge and its surroundings.

It has been Corduras task to communicate the stories about the old Little Belt Bridge and its surroundings, both then and now. It has been done through a playful approach to the material, with four TouchWall solutions, each of which focuses on different topics associated with the center.

The exhibition tells about how the bridge previously connected the country closer together and about how significant the engineering structure was in the interwar period. In addition to the story about the bridge tourist information about the bridge surroundings is mediated.

The audience will have ongoing access to photos from the Bridge Walking.

Bonus info

The Little Belt Bridge - The Old Little Belt Bridge - was the first permanent link between Jutland and Funen. It was built in the years 1928 to 1935. Due to the ground conditions and the strong current in the Little Belt, the bridge was a technical challenge at the time.

Photo: Steffen Stamp,