The Waste Clip Card


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Easy, fast and secure payment of commercial waste.

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The Waste Clip Card

The 'Waste Clip Card' is a specially designed payment scheme for recycling centers.

The Waste Clip Card is an accessible and user-friendly payment system designed for business customers at the recycling centers around the country.

With the Waste Clip Card, customers can pay for their delivery of commercial waste at their local recycling center in a quick and easy way.
For registration and purchase of the Waste Clip Card the business customers are  registered at NETS Supplier Service scheme, and all future payments are deducted automatically via NETS (former PBS). In addition, a monthly payment history is sent to the customers.

The optimal debit cards to customers who want:
- Easy and secure payment
- Quick service
- Payment in relation to consumption
- Automatic payment

The card may also be used for purchasing bags, compost and other items at the recycling centers.

How the Waste Clip Card works
1. The customer arrives at the recycle center.
2. The Payment machine (PayStation) prints a receipt for the selected waste.
3. The receipt is the customer's ticket to the recycling center.
4. The acquisition is entered into the system and the amount is deducted automatically via NETS Supplier Service.
5. The customer receives an additional receipt by e-mail.

The Waste Clip Card, along with regular credit cards, can be used at Corduras 'PayStations'.

A payment scheme adapted to the new reforms
Cordura A/S is behind the development of the Waste Clip Card in collaboration with Middelfart Renovationsvæsen and Svendborg Vand og Affald.
The development project was launched in connection with changes in the legislation concerning the use of the recycling sites in Denmark. In the cooperation the voucher scheme was designed and the Waste Clip Card created.
At business customers - in the municipalities where the payment scheme is created - can sign up and order a Waste Clip Card.

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