Cordura Mini-KIOSK


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PayStation is a NETS-approved solution that quickly and easily handles payments by credit card.

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Cordura Mini-KIOSK

Cordura Mini-KIOSK is a specially developed payment terminal for the recycling centers in Denmark.

In collaboration with Svendborg Vand & Affald, Cordura has developed the payment station 'Cordura Mini-KIOSK' for recycling centers around the country.
With the new payment station slow cash has been exchanged with payment that reduces both actuation and service resources.
Cordura Mini-KIOSK is a NETS-approved solution that quickly and easily can handle payments by credit card.

The terminal consists of a card reader and a touch screen, which can communicate with the customers. The payment stand is equipped to stand outside in all weathers.

User-friendly administration
The Cordura Mini-KIOSK Administration is an user-friendly web-based administration website.
The administrators of the system can edit, add and/or remove products from the Mini-KIOSK screen. Changes made in the administration website is automatic updated on all attached Mini-KIOSKs.

From the administration website, it is also possible to monitor the sale of each Cordura Mini-KIOSK, using sales and terminal reports. Sales reports show a live updated overview of total sales from one or more terminals. Terminal reports show a current list of sales on the individual terminals.

The 'Waste Clip Card' - a new payment service at the PayStation
Cordura is now offering a new payment service for the Cordura Mini-KIOSK payment solution. Recycling centers with Mini-KIOSKs can now offer their business customers the option of paying for delivery of waste by using the unique payment card 'Waste Clip Card'.

Read more about the 'Waste Voucher/Clip Card' at: