Cordura KIOSK

Credit card payments, mobile payments

Optimization of ticket sales to the entertainment industry
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Cordura KIOSK

Optimize your sales and save costs with Cordura KIOSK - the unmanned ticket kiosk.

Make your sale of entrance tickets and passes more accessible to your customers and optimize your business.

Cordura KIOSK is the solution for amusement parks, museums, festivals and other tourist attractions that want: optimization of ticket sales, fewer lines, reducing costs, dynamic and interactive communication and ultimately higher sales and increased client satisfaction.

Cordura KIOSK can help you achieve:
Less waiting at the ticket queue
Effective workflows
Better opportunities for loyalty programs
Lower costs and increased profits

The solution will be tailored to your wants and needs. Both software and hardware are customized so that function and design will give you the greatest benefits. You can get:

More available sale of entrance tickets and passes. Easy input of data and activation of passes. Credit card payment - both online and offline. Ability of photography and photo printing for season tickets

WEB Shop
An online shop that gives you all desired benefits - for an example the possibility of selfprint- tickets. Do you already have a webshop Cordura KIOSK can easily be integrated with this.

WEB administration
With the administration module, you can get an easy overview and control of the current operating situation. It also gives easy access to records and sales statistics.

WEB upselling
You'll have the opportunity to present additional offers to the guests while they are being served. You can easily and quickly set up offers in the system and can differenciere after week and time of day.

The vending machines
The machines are resilient and easy to operate and service. They have sturdy and bright touch screens for self-service. They emit automatic service messages such as lack of paper to print. Quality and design for both indoor and outdoor use. And a design tailored to your needs and requirements.

Mobile Payment
Payment by mobile phones are already present at Cordura. We have several systems in operation today. In addition to payment on the cellphone the customers will also be able to download their tickets on the phone so they'll never need to stand in line.

'Find your child' function
The KIOSK system has the ability to automatically send text messages with GPS position on a missing child to both parents and staff. The child must simply register his ticket at the nearest KIOSK machine.

The possibilities are endless with Corduras unmanned ticket kiosk!

Cordura is a pioneer in experiential IT and payment systems. For a decade, we have shown the way through numerous innovative and successful projects that have helped amusement parks, festivals, museums and other companies in the entertainment industry.

And we can do the same for you!

So contact us today to learn more about Cordura KIOSK.