The basic competencies in Cordura lies in software development, RFID technology and graphic design. In addition, work on existing projects provided us with extensive experience in a broad range of technologies: self service solutions, app development, ticketing systems. access control etc.

Cordura also have expertise in the user-and-content-related parts of the softwaredevelopment process. Based on a user-centric usability tradition, we are working to adapt our delivery to the users who actually use the technology.


Cordura KIOSK

Optimize your sales and save costs with Cordura KIOSK - the unmanned ticket kiosk.


Cordura Mini-KIOSK

Cordura Mini-KIOSK is a specially developed payment terminal for the recycling centers in Denmark.


The Waste Clip Card

The 'Waste Clip Card' is a specially designed payment scheme for recycling centers.