Victors Madhus


The self-service restaurant




Victors Madhus KIOSKOrdering at the machinePayment by all nets-approved credit card in the machineThe chef looking at the incoming ordersChefs screen with the incoming ordersDelicious wok-dish straight from the kitchenEnjoying the dinner in beautiful surroundingsEnjoying the dinner in beautiful surroundingsVictors Madhus

The self-service restaurant

Cordura has delivered a complete self-service system - based on the Cordura KIOSK solution - to the resturant Victors Madhus in Aalborg.

With Corduras solution the Gourmet restaurant "Victors Madhus" can call itself Denmarks first staff-less restaurant - a concept that the restaurant is proud of and has been welreceived by the guests.

At Victors Madhus Corduras self-service Kiosk works as a virtual servant, who recieves the guests orders. The orders will automatically be redirected to the open kitchen where the chefs prepare the food. The guests then pay by credit card at the Kiosk and recieve a reciept for the purchase. Shortly after the guest can collect the order by the chef and enjoy dinner in beautiful surroundings.

Victors Madhus has devised a new and modern concept.

Danni Bühlmann, restaurateur at Victors Madhus, says: "We have created a concept, where we want to give consumers a chance to get cheap food but of good ingredients in high quality. And if the guests can serve themselves, then we can use the money for the good ingredients instead." (TV2/Nord on 13th February 2014).

Behind the self-service Kiosk is a user-friendly management system where Victors Madhus have the ability to edit the seasonal menu.

Bon appetite!