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Mini-KIOSK at put & take





Mini-KIOSKMini-KIOSKBetaling med alle nets-godkendte betalingskort i automatenGrumstrup put&take

Mini-KIOSK at put & take

Grumstrup angling center is the first put & take in Denmark to install Corduras selfoperated KIOSK solution. It has been a solution, which within a short time has helped to reduce costs and increase earnings on the site.

By installing the Cordura KIOSK solution, Grumstrup Angling Center has introduced a user-friendly self-service solution for their put and take customers. The customers can now easily pay for the time they want to fish in the Angling Center's three lakes, without having to wait for service.

The owner, Søren Lauridsen, is particularly pleased that the payment machine can recieve all nets-approved credit cards, so no customers are in vain. At the same time he has also restricted the handling of cash on the spot. Søren also points out that the rapid self-service gives the customers a positive experience without queues and waiting for service.

With the establishment of the solution Grumstrup Angling Center has streamlined their workflows, which now requires far fewer staff resources and makes it easier for the owner to go on holiday and let business take care of itself.

Søren Lauridsen, states: "I should have done this many years ago!"

The Angling Center has already decided to extend the solution with multiple modules. They have already extended with a boom barrier which is controlled by the Mini-KIOSK system. They have also extended with a time management system for time control on the doors, so that the system automatically keeps the doors unlocked in the opening hours and automatically locks the doors at closing time.