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KIOSK MAXI complete payment system




Kiosk Maxi

Cordura Kiosk on materialepladsen in Ringsted

KIOSK MAXI complete payment system

Cordura has delivered a complete payment system with check-in and weigh-out, to Materialepladsen A/S in Ringsted.

The landscape products in Ringsted was from the start aware of they should be 100% self-service driven with focus on easy and quick customer access around the clock.
This has succeeded with Cordura KIOSK maxi solution and the implementation to Danvægt. The customers can buy materials seven days a week, 24 hours a day, year-round.
No customer will go in vain because the payment system handles all credit cards.
Materialepladsen A/S sought a reliable solution, since the store was going to be able to run without staff 24/7. The KIOSK solution lived fully up to the expectations with its full service and support agreement.
The solution have quickly optimized the business - in both earnings and customer satisfaction.
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