Experimentarium optimizes with self-service




Self-service Kiosks in the entrance to Experimentarium CityUser-friendly self-service vending machineAccess by scanning the bracelet with RFID at the gate

Experimentarium optimizes with self-service

Cordura has delivered a complete self-service system - based on Cordura KIOSK solution - with payment and ticket vending and access control for Experimentarium in Copenhagen.

In Experimentarium's new payment and ticket vending guests can buy entrance tickets in the form of bracelets with RFID tags integrated and/or season tickets to the science center.

The machine prints the bracelets along with a proof of purchase. After attaching the bracelet, the guests can gain acces to Experimentarium by scanning the bracelet at the acces control gate.

With the establiment of the soultion, Experimentarium has streamlined their workflows, which now requires far fewer resources in the ticket service. At the same time, the rapid self-service has reduced the waiting time in queues and ensured happy and satisfied customers. The soultion has helped to reduce costs and boost profits in the company.